Virtually me

Today a friend gave me a wonderful gift — a mask made by an artist named David Lockard, whom I have never met. But it is not just a mask.

It is meant to be a “skin” for a virtual reality headset. As you can see below, this virtual look is quite attractive on me.

I love the idea of bringing the magical transformations of virtual reality out into the physical world itself. After all, we already live in a society in which the boundary between the real and the virtual is being erased on all fronts. Might as well have fun with it.

Someday, a few years from now, there will be no need for such a mask. I will be able to wake up in the morning and decide that this is what people will see that day when they look at me with their cyber-enhanced eyes.

And if all goes well, whoever makes the software will even manage to make my virtual mask look like real cardboard.

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