New computer!

Today my fancy new 2017 13″ Macbook Pro arrived. I had ordered it quite a while back, but because Apple has been changing over to newer models, the delivery was delayed, seemingly endlessly. A kindly grad student has been letting me use his computer in the meanwhile.

The new computer and I are still learning each other. Today I’m doing all the geeky stuff, like installing Chrome, and Homebrew, node.js, and various other words that will seem mysterious unless you program a lot.

The funny thing about upgrading to a newer model computer is that it’s kind of like moving from one house to another, but taking all of your stuff with you. You may have moved into a new place, but you pretty much have the same furniture, stuff in your closets, pictures on the walls, dishes and silverware.

Since I had prepared for this move, it was all pretty easy and painless. And now here I am, happily ensconced in my fancy new virtual digs.

Maybe I’ll start a garden. :-)

5 Responses to “New computer!”

  1. J. Peterson says:

    Curious – how long did the previous computer last?

  2. Andy says:

    Mmm. This post has that new keyboard smell.

  3. admin says:

    I had a MacBook Air for a little over three years, then decided to go for a more powerful model.

    Yes, there is indeed that new keyboard smell. Love it!

  4. Stephan Ahonen says:

    What’s your opinion of the new keyboard switch design? A friend of mine got a 2017 MBP and I did some experimental tapping on it and my immediate impression, as someone who types a *lot*, was that typing on it was like tapping on a hard surface and would end up being very painful on my fingertips. I’m currently a MBP 2015 owner but I’m pretty sure my next laptop is gonna be a different brand just because I don’t see myself being able to get comfortable on the 2017 keyboard.

  5. admin says:

    So far it feels ok, but then again I tend to be a light typer. My only complaint is the audible clicking sound, which I worry will disturb others in the same room.

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