Hidden in plain sight

Fast forward another five years or so. You wake up in the morning and put on your AR glasses, and so do all of the people you know.

Nobody even thinks about it. At least, not any more than people in 2019 think about slipping a SmartPhone into their pocket when they start the day.

But here’s a poser: if AR glasses can visually modify reality, can’t they remove AR glasses from view? Maybe one of the functions of your AR glasses will be to digitally remove the AR glasses from your view of everyone else’s face.

But suppose you actually want to see everyone else’s AR glasses. Well, that would be easy. All you’d need to do is take yours off. :-)

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  1. Adrian says:

    I don’t have a smartphone, and I have concerns about carrying a flip phone (though I do because my wife insists). Friends mildly tease me for this, but it has no real impact on my ability to function in society. Yet somehow I fear I’m going to feel pretty ostracized in the AR future.

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