The ordinary and the odd

The ordinary and the odd,
Each one, I think, should get a nod.
The ordinary has its place
With steady calm its saving grace.

And yet it seems if that were all
The world would then be rather small.
With nothing odd to shake our tree
Our life could not be truly free.

For nothing jogs our intellect
Like something we did not expect,
And times when we are at our best
Are when our hearts are filled with zest,

For oddness is a dynamo!
But then again, it’s good to know
That ordinary’s OK too.
I had a nap today. Did you?

2 Responses to “The ordinary and the odd”

  1. dwn says:

    Wonderful words. Any way to search the blog for your verse?

  2. admin says:

    That is a very good question. I don’t have posts categorized. Maybe I should!

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