Worlds in miniature

I have been playing with the video pass-through mode of the Quest Pro. And one thing has started becoming clear to me.

Namely, that there is something very compelling about miniature virtual worlds that are within reach of your hands. Not that there’s anything wrong with immersion in full-size worlds.

But there’s something particularly charming and compelling about miniature worlds. I think it’s because we have a more intimate relationship with things that we can pick up and touch within our own personal space.

I predict that as mixed reality eyewear becomes something common and everyday, a lot of our virtual interaction will start moving to tabletops. Things like schedules and maps and organization charts are all going to begin showing up as three-dimensional structures that we can reach out and point to.

These will be things that you and I will simply expect to see on the table between us as we talk to each other in casual conversation. And of course we will eventually forget that it was ever any other way.

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