One day you will have a ChatGPMe (Chat Generative Pre-trained Me). It will be trained on all of the things you’ve ever said, written and done.

It won’t be intelligent, but it will serve as a faithful echo. When you are feeling lost, or experiencing bouts of self-doubt, you will be able to turn to ChatGPMe and ask “What would I do in this situation?”

And ChatGPMe will tell you, pretty much in your own voice. You will be able to access the best parts of you, those times in your life when you were feeling creative, confident, at one with the Universe.

Eventually, you will wonder how anybody ever managed to get through a day without ChatGPMe.

One thought on “ChatGPMe”

  1. .. like when the re-create historic characters on the holodeck to solve actual here-and-now problems… it’s not really Einstein or Dr. Leah Brahms, but the “echo” of them will suffice for the task at hand.

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