Capital investment

I have a strong capitalist streak.

Which is what motivated me today to donate $1000 to the Obama reelection campaign. Since I live in NY State (definitely not a swing state), my vote won’t do much to sway the election. If you’re reading this from, say, California, the same is true for you. Which means the most useful thing you can probably do is donate money. Today if possible. That is, assuming the outcome of the election matters to you.

I’ve been trying to keep an open mind throughout this thing. But Romney’s “47%” speech — in which he dismisses nearly half the population — frankly horrifies me. It isn’t even so much the distain dripping from such phrases as “…who believe they are victims” and “…who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it”.

It’s the astonishing incompetency of the thought behind it.

What chief executive of any corporation throws away his major asset? Romney is pretty much suggesting we toss out a huge percentage of our seed corn — the talented children (born with equal probability into all families) who will grow up to constitute the next generation of innovators in the U.S.

I certainly don’t think Obama is perfect. But at least he is sticking to solid capitalist principles: His administration supports investment in its nation’s number one economic asset. In any nation’s number one economic asset.

Why on earth would Romney want the United States to lose out economically as a nation state? Maybe he is secretly working for China.