Chrysalis, part 1

Her first impression was of a hazy and indistinct light, and a feeling of great hunger. Her mind was filled only with the urge to feed. This need, so raw, so immediate, overpowered all else.

She picked up a scent, and she knew, without knowing how she knew, the way to follow. Slowly, ponderously, she made her way, step by deliberate step, feeling clumsy, heavy in her body, aware of the terrible slowness of every movement. And through it all, the hunger.

At last she reached her goal, a bed of glorious green. Here there was food, so much food, everywhere, all at once. Greedily she began to feed, and a rush of sudden energy surged through her body, flooding her senses with exquisite pleasure.

She was too absorbed by this pleasure to notice when the surface beneath her began to move, to sway, the force gathering, swirling, gathering momentum. Until suddenly she was thrown loose, and then she was falling, falling downward, ever downward, the cold air rushing by, seemingly forever.

The ground, when it finally arrived, came up fast, impossibly fast. And then, nothingness.