Before the Cave, part 25

Ilara was confused. Why, just in a moment, did everyone stop fighting? And why was everyone looking at the two of them?

Then she saw the chieftain of the mammoth herd making her way toward them. The chieftain was old, very old. When she walked, she walked slowly, and with deliberate care. But now she was heading straight toward the two of them, the other mammoths parting to make a path for her.

The chieftain was about to speak, when suddenly she swung her head away, and stared off into the distance. From the human tribe two figures were approaching.

Ilara strained to see who they were. At first they were hard to make out. But then she realized that they were the Elder and the Shaman from her own human tribe.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the two small figures made their way toward the mammoth herd. When they arrived at the perimeter, none of the mammoths tried to stop them. In fact, the mammoth warriors stepped deliberately aside, making way for the humans.

Suddenly Ilara realized that the human Elder and Shaman were heading straight toward her. But not just her. They were heading toward her and her friend.