Oklahoma, part 2

The conversation I was alluding to in my previous post took place the day before yesterday, and went something like this. I was having a very nice conversation with this woman, and she asked me where I was from.

I said “New York City”, and we talked about that for a bit. Then I asked her where she was from.

She said she was born in Philadelphia. “Oh,” I replied, “I have a number of friends who are from Philly”.

“But then,” she continued, “my parents moved to Oklahoma. A lot of our relatives stayed in Philadelphia. So I didn’t see them that often.”

“They didn’t want to visit us in Oklahoma,” she said. “They were afraid they would get scalped by wild Indians.”

At this point in the conversation, I think she saw that there was now an odd look on my face. She hastened to clarify, so I would understand.

“This was,” she explained, “back in the seventies.”

More tomorrow.