Future cool shades

There are many reasons to assume that future extended reality eyewear will look like sunglasses, rather than looking like contact lenses. For one thing, looking at a ten year technology horizon, it will be far easier to engineer the former than the latter. For another thing, there will always be many people who will feel uncomfortable wearing contact lenses.

I wonder whether this will have implications for fashion. After The Matrix came out, a lot of people started to wear cool shades to look like Neo and Trinity. The same thing happened in earlier eras, after Peter Fonda rocked a cool pair of shades in Easy Rider in 1969, and of course even before that with the rise of the Beats in 1958.

These forthcoming devices will likely be socially empowering, and connote power on whatever comes next in social media. Given that, I suspect we will soon be heading for a similar fashion era of “cool shades”.