Party favors

I told a friend today that something I’d really love to do, if I had the resources, would be to throw parties that let people break free from their every day life.

More specifically, I would want to throw themed parties — ancient Romans, depression-era gangsters, the court of King Arthur, cowboys of the old West, roaring twenties flappers — anything that could invite a group of people into a shared spirit of romance and delight.

And here’s the best part: At each party there would be a room, near the entrance, devoted entirely to providing costumes for the guests. By the time you entered the party proper, you would be fully decked out in your personal vision of that night’s theme. So no pressure to find the perfect costume.

It’s such a lovely thought, isn’t it? Then again, if I really had enough money to do something like that, I’d probably end up using it to help the world by battling world hunger and promoting universal education.

Hmm. Maybe I could do both. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Party favors”

  1. The Society for Creative Anachronisms often does this at their parties, for the unfortunate few who haven’t worn their own costumes, at least. They call it “gold key,” but I don’t know why.

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