Yes, yes I know

Yes, yes I know that we’ve got a good head of steam going with this discussion about programming languages, and we will get back to it, I promise. But I feel in need of a day off from serious conversation.

And so today I will just ask the following question: Why is it that Zachary Quinto, as the monstrous Syler on the TV show “Heroes”, reminds me so damned much of Leonard Cohen?

This just seems wrong. Very, very wrong…

6 thoughts on “Yes, yes I know”

  1. To answer or let alone to think about this question, would mean too much of research to me. What the hell is “Heroes”? Who is a “Hero”? What is a “Hero”?…
    I hope for today to survive in spite I don’t know what you are talking about. 🙂

    But hey, Leonard Cohen, I have heard (about) him. 😉

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