Jumping in

Knowing that I will be going to an exciting Oscar viewing this evening, I had a very low key day today. Sadly I reached the last of these first thirteen episodes of House of Cards. It’s one of those shows that provides such shamelessly wicked fun, you wish it would go on forever.

Mostly because of Kevin Spacey, who seems to have morphed from a mere actor to a kind of God of charisma. Sort of the way Jeremy Irons did in a slightly earlier era, and Peter O’Toole before him. You simply cannot look away.

I am hoping soon to share in these pages some of our latest research as soon as it is ready for prime time, so today I spent some time cleaning that up and getting it ready. The key question revolves around how seamlessly and gracefully one can combine documents and computer programs. Why not let the reader also be a programmer?

Of course in order for such a thing to work for most people, this all needs to be made accessible — and fun. I hope, dear readers, that you will not object to jumping in and joining me in playing with these ideas in the coming days. 🙂

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