The problem of shoes

Today Alex posted the following comment on this blog:

Thank you, but please allow me to ask one silly question. I think in many aspects of life, what scientist does is defining a problem, then finding out a solution. It seems like there is”solution” now. are there any problems we can solve with this fact, or it’s just a pure observation?

At first I was stumped. To me what is important about the relationship between the pyramid and the cube is that it is beautiful. It had never occurred to me that such beauty would require “defining a problem”.

And then I recalled something René Magritte once wrote, that his painting Le Modele Rouge (below) concerned “the problem of shoes”.

I do not know whether my joyous discussion about pyramids and cubes will end up solving any problems.

Meanwhile, it’s good to know that Magritte was thinking about the problem of shoes. Although I’m not entirely sure this makes him a scientist.

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