Paris in the rain, objects on a higher plane

Sorry to switch the topic, but this evening I spent a delightful forty minutes with a friend, lost in conversation while walking through the rain in Paris.

If you’re going to walk through the rain anywhere, I highly recommend Paris. 🙂

Going back to the question of four dimensions… If you were a two dimensional being in Flatland, and you really wanted to understand 3D, you would want the most high quality visualization you could get of that mysterious higher dimensional world.

In that spirit, it seems to me that it would make sense to create the most vivid possible representation of our four dimensional object — even if it is impossible for such an object to exist in our world.

However we choose to simulate this four dimensional object, our simulation should appear before us with the same sense of “presence” as a real object. And if we reach out our hand, we should be able to touch it.

Sounds like a great opportunity to build a really good virtual reality experience.

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