Count your blessings

I was supposed to take a train this morning from Boston South Station to Manhattan. Which I was really looking forward to, because I love riding on trains.

Alas, I received an email saying that train service between Boston and NY had been cancelled, and suggesting that I find an alternate mode of transport. After much patient waiting, I got an actual AMTRAK operator on the line, who cheerfully refunded the cost of my ticket, but all she could tell me was that there was a problem with the tracks somewhere in Connecticut.

I looked around for alternatives, and all that was available was the Chinatown bus — so called because in NY City it deposits you in Chinatown. Did I mention I hate taking the bus? Well, I don’t like riding buses, but I especially dislike the Chinatown bus. You are essentially crammed into a tin can for four and a half hours.

This is in contrast to the glorious train, where you can get up, walk around, go to the Cafe car to get a snack, and in general have a nice relaxing time between your point of origin and your point of destination.

The entire bus ride, I was bemoaning my fate. Oh, why oh why couldn’t I have taken the train?

It was only after arriving in NY City that I heard the news: The “problem with the tracks” was two MetroNorth trains crashing into each other. About sixty people were injured — some of them critically.

I guess one takeaway here is that you should count your blessings.

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