Today we took the rowboat out, and rowed across the lake. Nobody lives on the other side. Beyond the trees is a meadow, where the cows from a nearby farm often come to graze.

For quite awhile we were alone, enjoying the view of trees and sky, the silence of the day, the ripples that crisscrossed in ever-changing patterns across the surface of the lake.

Then the cows found us.

And they were completely fascinated. I don’t know whether it was because the farmer gives them treats (and so they expect the same from any humans) or just because they were hungry for bipedal company, but they couldn’t get enough of us.

More and more cows showed up, and soon we were nearly surrounded. They were all gazing up at us with big brown eyes, sniffing at us, and generally acting as though we were the headliner act in whatever is the bovine equivalent of a rock concert.

As we walked back to our rowboat, they followed en masse, keeping pace with us at every step. At last we got in the boat, and the cows looked on sadly as our little craft drifted slowly away from shore.

Or at least I’d like to think they were looking on sadly. I’m not really certain. The picture above shows the cows watching us depart. Maybe you can figure it out.

4 thoughts on “Cows”

  1. Maybe they weren’t fans, maybe they were trying to get you to leave. Love your optimism, though.

  2. They were just being cows. Cows are naturally quite curious. Those look like dairy cows so are probably used to be around people.

  3. Hmm, when you see a crowd of people looking at something, you can just as easily say “They were just being people”. It’s a true statement, but not a very informative one. In the end we really can’t know what they are thinking.

    Although I like Sally’s various theories. Maybe they were just waiting for us to leave so they could continue talking to each other in Swedish. 🙂

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