Eros and Thanatos

Eros and Thanatos met at a bar
Eros said “What a strange creature you are!”
Thanatos shrugged “I’m more strange than you think”
“Sit yourself down and I’ll buy you a drink.”

Sigmund was shaking his head at the sight
Of such an odd pair on a Saturday night
“Tell me my friends,” he inquired, “Dear amigos
“Where do you come from, our Ids or our Egos?”

Eros and Thanatos laughed “You inquire
To know if our union is thought or desire?”
They bought him a round and left quite a good tip
For they already knew they would give him the slip.

“We are two of a kind, we are life, we are fear
“We’re the bee in your bonnet, the head on your beer
“The secrets you keep from the friends you betray
“The days of your life and the life in your day”

“We’re the thieves of your heart who will prey on your mind
“The hope that you treasure, the solace you find
“The romance of death and the death of Romance”
And then they got up and proceeded to dance

Sigmund was mortified “This isn’t right!
“You are old enemies, why don’t you fight?”
Eros and Thanatos answered him plain
“Poor dear old Sigmund, are you insane?”

“For who rules the sky – the Sun or the Moon?
“When starts the season, November or June?
“Where lies betrayal, the lips or the heart?
“Haven’t you learned anything, you old fart?”

Then Sigmund smiled, amazed and delighted
“This is right up there with love unrequited!
“Please tell me all, let me buy you one more!”
But Eros and Thanatos slipped out the door.

“Wait!” cried old Sigmund, “Please do not go
“Why would life embrace death? I am dying to know!”
But he was alone, there was no one to hear.
“Oh well then,” he shrugged, and he had one more beer.

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