Writer friend

This evening I had a wonderful time catching up with my writer friend. Andy is a screenwriter, which means he is mainly to be found in the vicinity of Hollywood, California.

But every once in a while he wanders east, and then we have hours-long talks about stories, movies, character arcs, plot ideas and all the minutiae that go into telling a great tale.

We analyze actors, directors, compare different screenplays by the same writer, argue over which P.T. Anderson film is the best one, and marvel at the one great role/performance that some otherwise mediocre actors always seem to find.

People are different, and we all wear different hats, depending upon who we are with. With my political friends, computer programming friends, classical music friends, new media theory friends or SciFi/Dr. Who/Buffy/Fringe/XMen friends I have very different sorts of things to chat about.

But with Andy I get to have my “writer friends” conversations, and they are always glorious.

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