Winter wonderland

I am very impressed with AMTRAK. Despite the snowstorm, the trains ran on time today. Which was important to me because I needed to get from New York to Boston before the first class of the semester. The journey took a little longer than usual, given how much snow we needed to plow through. But our train soldiered bravely on, and got there nearly on schedule.

On a day when buses were canceled, planes grounded or delayed, and driving would have been a questionable adventure in risk taking, the trains were dependably there, right on track.

But the best part was the magical transformation of the New England landscape outside the window. Little towns like Mystic and Old Saybrook, streams and docks and bridges and snow dappled trees, all of it had turned breathtakingly lovely, like something out of a fantasy novel.

So I spent my morning happily gazing through the train window at the winter wonderland outside, sipping fresh coffee from the cafe car, and marveling at how, despite its many problems, this world of ours can sometimes be a beautiful place.

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