Spring cleaning

Settling back home after several months away, I have been getting back into my morning exercise routine — half an hour of exercise followed by a really healthy breakfast. This has certainly put me in a much better mood, and full of energy to face the day.

And completely turned off to junk food. As my body gets rid of the accumulated poisons from months on end of far too much travel and far too little exercise, I am sleeping better, eating better, and feeling full of energy all day.

But I’ve noticed something else as well. All sort of old disagreements, and fallings out with former friends and others from my past, have been bubbling up to my consciousness in the last few days. I find myself reliving heated arguments with people who are long out of my life. Except that now I am seeing these arguments, in the light of day, for the pointless circular mental traps they always were.

I think my mind is expelling its poisons as well — airing out and dispelling long brooding resentments that have been lurking in the dark corners of my soul. And I guess this makes sense, since body and mind are two parts of a single integrated whole.

As the body begins to heal itself, so does the mind.

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