Glass in class

I know that any semester now, some of my students are going to show up wearing Google Glass, or whatever will be the next generation version of that sort of thing. And when that happens, it will be interesting to see how everybody reacts.

For one thing, everything I say or do as a lecturer will become a matter of public record — and potentially a viral YouTube video if I screw up badly enough — unless I or somebody else makes a rule against people recording and then posting whatever they happen to be looking at.

The University might get nervous about all those “citizen recordings” of class lectures, because it could mess up a hypothetical revenue model from on-line courseware. That may sound crass, but there is an argument to be made that these class lectures are actually school property.

Oh well, with any luck this won’t be a problem for a while. All of those Glass users in class will be checking their emails on the higher res Android phones on their desks. So they won’t be looking at me anyway. 🙂

One thought on “Glass in class”

  1. Interesting technical challenge: Find a way to make yourself and/or your lecture materials “Glass invisible.” Surely there’s some combination of lighting and display that’s still comfortably visible human eyes but would not show up on camera.

    If Glass relies on wireless communication with the phone to store the recording, jamming it is another option (if the jammer took out WiFi, you’d also cut out a whole spectrum of other distractions as well)

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