Uke hacking

I suppose the more standard and traditional route, upon getting a new musical instrument, would be to learn the repertoire — standard chord progressions, popular songs, whatever is out there.

But I find that when I pick up my blue Ukelele I don’t want to do any of that. Instead, my fingers want to explore, to try random things, to figure out sounds and chord progressions from scratch.

I’ll figure out an F chord, then an A7, then maybe a D followed by an E minor, and go from there, working out picking patterns as I go. It really doesn’t matter, as long as the next chord feels right.

It seems that what I really want is to explore the ukelele as a kind of hack space — a place to work things out on my own, and see where it all will lead.

Which is turning out to be, I am happy to report, a lot of fun. :-)

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