The day after SIGGRAPH

The day after SIGGRAPH is both heady and confusing, because, like everyone else who attended, I’ve been mainlining exciting new ideas, trying to absorb the fantastic work of my peers all at once. I find that by the last day of the conference, it becomes hard to concentrate on the technical papers, because my mind is already racing to connect the dots between things I’ve already seen, and to incorporate all those new insights into my research for the coming year.

And now, on the day after the conference — after a much needed night’s sleep — I realize that somewhere in the back of my mind I am formulating plans, thinking of cool projects for students, setting aside budget for this piece of equipment or that research visit.

There are a million things you can do with the vast amount of new insight that comes with attending SIGGRAPH. The trick is to pick just a few of them, the ones that are really doable and will generate excitement and original thinking on the part of the students.

It will probably take another week or so before my mind makes the transition from wild and overambitious schemes to a solid plan of action. Meanwhile, I’m just enjoying the journey.

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