Local hero

I’m a very excited that Peter Capaldi is the new doctor. I had become a little worried that Dr Who would become too dominated by young people. Given that Time Lords are supposed to be centuries old, it’s good to see one who might actually be old enough to remember 1983.

Of course, behind every older actor, there is a younger actor lurking inside. It will be fun to see the good doctor channeling that part of himself, and to see audiences forget his age as he starts to bring out his inner youngster.

Some actors are able to effortlessly transcend age and time. After all, Burt Lancaster was already seventy six years old when he played another memorable fantasy doctor in Field of Dreams — and he nearly stole the movie.

A new doctor always creates new possibilities. Perhaps there will be stories where a love interest is half mermaid, or at least has webbed toes. Anything is possible, when there hasn’t been this sort of infusion of class into a BBC production since The Forsyth Saga.

American audiences might take some convincing, since Mr. Capaldi is still an unknown quantity on this side of the pond. But I think it will be easier in the U.K., where he is already a local hero.

4 thoughts on “Local hero”

  1. Good catch Sharon! I was starting to get that sinking feeling that I was being too subtle. Sharp readers like you bring me comfort and joy. 🙂

  2. A quick Google search for “Peter Capaldi local hero” and now I, too, see what you did there. 🙂

  3. I don’t think I’ve seen that one, Ken. I’ll have to put out on my queue. I see that it also has music by Mark Knopfler, who is a favorite too.

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