Halloween in New York

It was All Hallows Eve, and out on the street
Some people were walking in big Hobbit feet.
On Broadway I saw all those kids from Divergent
Right next to a large walking box of detergent.
A young woman sporting Malificent horns
Passed by a trio of pink candy corns,
While two little boys came as Tonto and Kato
(Their dad was a very large killer tomato).
I counted eleven young men dressed as Sheldon
While one woman showed up as Barbara Feldon.
Nobody knew who that was (which is sad),
Except for Delphine, up from Marienbad.
Right after spotting both Minnie and Micky,
I saw a guy dressed as an open source wiki,
While his friend was a scale in Aeolian mode.
I’m not sure but I think this was some sort of code.
There were Wookies and Trekkies, a green kiwi fruit,
And a rather tall guy who would only say “Groot!”
      Tonight old New York was the best place to be.
      If you were there too, I am sure you’ll agree!

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