The other day a friend showed me the cool app on her phone that lets her monitor her beloved puppy when she is away from home. She has puppy-cams installed throughout her apartment, and she can see not only where he is and what he’s up to, but which bit of toy or furniture he may have been chewing up.

I told her that it reminded me of an academic paper I saw some years ago, that not only allowed an animal companion’s activities and location to be tracked remotely, but also create new activities. For example, you could initiate a game of fetch with the press of a computer key.

And I remembered that when I had first seen that paper presented, I had thought it a bit one-sided. After all, why should the humans have all the fun?

Don’t you it might be cool to create an app that can be used by a dog or a cat? Fido could watch the location of his beloved human throughout the day, as that human goes from one adorable human activity to another. Princess could initiate fun activities for her human friend at any moment of the day.

Which leads to the following question: If you were a dog or a cat, what fun activity would you want to start your adorable human doing, at the touch of a paw?

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