A Game of A Game of A Game of Thrones

I was very happy with the emails I got from friends with clever solutions to yesterday’s puzzle.

One thing it might be useful to add for those who really want a challenge: If you count my game of Go example (“A Game of Stones”) as one of the games, then there is at least one solution with nineteen unique answers, so that any given title appears only once. Although with that added constraint, a few of the answers are very tricky.

Maybe there is also a meta version of this game. Instead of starting with “A Game of Thrones”, we can start with the idea of titles that cry out for variation.

For example, instead of requiring a rhyme for the last word, we might generalize the pattern, perhaps finding another real title with a parallel grammatical construction. Under this particular rule, “The Hunt for Red October” would lead to:

“The Importance of Being Earnest”
“The Secret of Santa Vittoria”
“The Taking of Pelham 123”
“The Bridge over the River Kwai”

I suspect there are a lot more titles of the form “The NOUN PREPOSITION NOUN-MODIFIER NOUN”. Maybe you can think of some. 🙂

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