There’s the rub

At conversation this evening over dinner, the topic came up of what would be the most difficult human task for a computer / robot to be able to emulate.

One person suggested giving a massage. There ensued a lively discussion about the subtleties of this task, the need to accurately sense what someone else is feeling, just from minute shifts in their posture and muscle tension.

More than anything else, a good masseur or masseuse requires a sense of intuition, an ability to be in sync with another person, even though that other person is doing nothing but lying passively on a massage table.

But then we talked about it some more, and we realized that there is another task that humans are very good at, which would be a far more difficult thing for a computer to do properly than giving a massage.

And that is getting a massage.

2 thoughts on “There’s the rub”

  1. Wow, I had never heard of chess boxing. Just read all about it on Wikipedia. That is so weird and cool!

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