Holiday greetings

Many years ago I invited my friend Michael Ferraro to my parents’ house for Passover.

As you might have guessed from his family name, Michael isn’t Jewish. In fact, as it turned out, he was very happy to be asked, but he was also quite nervous about the whole thing, not knowing very much about Judaism. I think he was worried that he would say or do something wrong or inappropriate.

My parents, being very wonderful and loving people, didn’t care at all about his cultural orientation. They were just happy to meet a friend of mine and welcome him into their home.

When the day came, and Michael showed up at the house, my mother came to the door to ask him in, with my father just behind. I could see that Michael looked a little nervous, trying to think of just the right thing to say.

Finally, apparently groping for just the right words, he exclaimed “Good Lentils!”

My parents both cracked up. It was, I think, the funniest thing they had heard in a long time. From that moment on, they completely adored him, and the entire evening went very well.

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