Everything a kid could ever want

Today I saw Tomorrowland, and while it is a total mess in terms of plot and pacing, it is a visual delight. Just to watch the imagery of that fantastical universe was a privilege and a total joy.

I spent much of the film in complete awe, like a saucer eyed little kid, soaking up Brad Bird’s vision of a magnificent utopian future. The sense of innocent wonder contained in the marvels up on the screen simply took my breath away.

I had pretty much the same feeling of wonder at the first big reveal of all the dinosaurs back when Jurassic Park came out. I am looking forward to seeing Jurassic World, because I understand it captures some of that same feeling of visual excitement and wonder.

Now if only they would make a movie with dinosaurs roaming around in a futuristic utopian world. Then I think I would have everything a kid could ever want.

Is that asking too much?

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