Potato to moonbeam

At different times, we all project different energies. Sometimes we are distracted and worried, even fearful, and other times we feel hopeful and optimistic, and our hearts are filled with wonder.

I realized quite a while ago that I measure different human psychological energies on an internal scale, a kind of psychic rating system that runs somewhere in the back of my mind. This is not something I do deliberately. Rather, I just noticed at some point that I had been doing it, probably for years.

I call it the “potato to moonbeam scale,” and it goes something like this: When a person is feeling heavy, burdened by existence, perhaps defensive and closed in, then they are kind of like a potato. They just sit there upon the earth, a slave to the forces of gravity that hold them down (both literal and metaphorical).

But every once in a while you encounter a human energy that seems unaffected by gravity, a mind that dips and soars, apparently without fear. This kind of energy — which I think of as channeling one’s inner moonbeam — allows us go to new places in our minds, to see things around us that are entirely invisible to us when we are in our potato-like defensive crouch.

Every soul travels along the scale between potato and moonbeam. Some people spend an awful lot of time at the potato end. You can feel their fear and their heaviness. And if you’re not careful, it wan weigh you down as well.

But then there are those astonishing souls who seem to be almost pure moonbeam. I love being around people who are in such a state. The experience is always both a revelation and a delight.

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