The Canadian view

I’m in Canada at the moment, and the view from here about our upcoming election is one of complete disbelief. They see one candidate who is highly qualified, and another who is … well … there are no words to describe it.

When people here ask me how a person like Donald Trump could get so close to the White House, I have no answer for them. Frankly, I have no answer for myself.

It feels to me as though there is some sort of sickness in the American psyche that we are working through. Hopefully that sickness will run its course, and we will get it out of our system. But it is indeed unnerving that we are even as close as we are to making such a bizarrely self-destructive choice.

Fortunately Trump is doing everything possible to lose this election. As far as I can tell, he’s given up on running against Hillary Clinton, realizing that he is hopelessly outmatched. Instead, apparently, he’s decided to run against Bill Clinton.

Which makes about as much sense as anything else he’s done.

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  1. Gabe says:

    If it were me:
    “How did Donald Trump get so close to the White House?”
    “Well, how did Rob Ford get into City Hall?”
    Thankfully it looks like Trump has finally managed to lose ground by showing his own support base that he doesn’t actually support their values. The equivalent moment with Ford, when he got caught doing drugs, only happened after he had been voted in.

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