Rearranging the furniture

We generally don’t pick out all of the furniture for our new home or apartment before we get there. After all, we might get it wrong.

Sure, there are software tools out there that let you do this sort of thing. You can place computer graphic versions of your bed, your sofa or your nightstand around the room, try different lighting arrangements, and see the result from various angles at different times of day.

Of course that is different from really being in the room. A picture of a room is not the same as being in the room itself.

Yet that might change. At some point you will take for granted the ability to slip on your lightweight hologlasses, which will let you have the experience of being in any room you like. Unlike today’s high end room-scale VR platforms, you will be able to wander around freely, unencumbered by wires or cables.

You might very well find yourself picking out the furniture you like, secure in the knowledge that there will be no unpleasant visual surprises when you walk into the room itself.

In fact, even after you are living somewhere, you might, on occasion, choose to pop on your hologlasses and virtually rearrange the furniture. The next time you come back into that room, unobtrusive robots will have already shifted around the physical objects in the room to match your new preference.

You might even store some favorite room arrangements, to fit your different moods and preferences. One day things are set up for studying, the next day for that dinner party you’ve been meaning to throw.

I can’t wait! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rearranging the furniture”

  1. I can’t wait to see two peoples having different settings for a same room, despairing bots trying to figure out the optimal way to serve them in the shadows. I hope for them – the minions – that p equals np.

  2. This is a wonderful thought! I can just see it now: In the future, dysfunctional relationships will be reiterated in the physical world by bad Feng-Shui.

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