The greatest enemy our nation is facing

Every time I think that Donald Trump couldn’t possibly do something more dispicable and ugly, more hateful and counter to what this country stands for, he surprises me. I am starting to think that this administration is the greatest enemy our nation is facing.

ISIS can kill our bodies, but they do not have the power to destroy us from within. In contrast, Donald Trump’s relentlessly hateful policy decisions pose a far more fundamental danger to America.

This so-called administration is a cancer. This cancer has infiltrated the body of our society and is now eating away at our very core principles.

I have gone beyond feeling disgust for this narcissistic self-aggrandizing con-man. Disgust for such a crass operator is so obvious that it is no longer even important.

What is important, and what I now feel, is fear for our beautiful nation. When we pick up the pieces in another two years, after the mid-term elections finally erect a road block to the cynically corrosive policies that are oozing daily from our own White House, just how great will the damage have been?

I feel terrible for all of us, but mostly for the well-meaning people who voted for this bozo. How will they ever explain to their grandchildren that they were conned into supporting such an anti-American swindle?

5 thoughts on “The greatest enemy our nation is facing”

  1. Among the people I know who voted for Trump I see no waning of their support for him so far. They seem to think he’s doing a great job and it is the media who is being unfair to him. I can’t fathom how they can watch what he has done and said since taking office and still think that but it makes me even more worried and sad about the state of the nation beyond whatever time he manages to last.

  2. My guess is that we are seeing confirmation bias in action. Something like: “I voted for him, he won, therefore whatever happens next must all make sense.”

    I wonder whether such voters in other times and places experienced similar irrational confirmation bias as their own destroyer-in-chief started leading their nation down this sort of slippery slope.

  3. But what about the other way around : “I did not vote for him, he won, therefore whatever happens next must be completely insane” ?

    How to see what we don’t see ? how to shift our perspective, and where ? what is reality ?

    (Okay but seriously I find that as tragic as Brexit and what is currently happening in europe, time will tell)

  4. Yes, I see your point, and I agree that it is important to avoid confirmation bias in any direction.

    Unfortunately, I find myself responding to what the man is actually saying and doing.

    Believe me, I would be much happier if the current words and actions of Trump were not so weirdly off the rails, strangely hateful, and completely unthought out in terms of their negative consequences for our nation’s economy and security, and their erosive effects on our individual rights and personal dignity.

    Alas, he is indeed saying and doing those things, and we all need to deal with it.

  5. Watching what is happening in the US from another country – Germany – where the right wing parties are growing again, too, all I can say, stand up and fight. Fight for women rights, minority rights, freedom of press, the rule of law, the separation of powers and do it every day, please don’t wait two years.

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