The Wolverine as political allegory

I saw Logan tonight, with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. My nephew, who is in his early twenties, thought it was a great film.

I thought it was a great film for a person in their early twenties. So in a sense we were in agreement.

What surprised me was how much everything I was watching seemed like a pointed critique of the ugliness and stupidity of the Trump administration. But that couldn’t literally be the case, because surely this film was already in production before the Election.

So my conclusion is that the Trump administration is so offensive in its blatantly xenophobic goals, so ethically bankrupt, so embarrassingly transparent in its agenda to transfer our nation’s wealth to the top 1% — no matter how much of our collective wealth needs to be destroyed in the whole stinking currupt process — that pretty much any allegory of good guys versus venal bad guys will fit.


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