The rights of coffee

Yesterday morning, the first thought I had when I awoke was this: “There is such a thing as going too far. After all, there are things to consider beyond the rights of coffee.”

Actually, it wasn’t quite my first waking thought. It was more like my last dreaming thought. Apparently, I had been in the middle of a sentence during my last dream before awakening.

It was a fascinating peek inside a very different reality. Clearly the ostensibly absurd logic of dreams is something the dreamer takes very seriously.

It’s amazing to me, even after all these years, that these two parallel worlds can exist in our minds: Our (more or less) shared world of waking reality, and the wild anything-goes universe that each of us travels to every time we close our eyes for the night.

In the land of dreams, where anything is possible, even the rights of coffee can be a topic for debate. Not that I have anything against coffee.

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