Introducing the future

Tomorrow evening, Friday April 14, at 9:30pm, I will be introducing a screening of The Matrix at the Rubin Museum of Art. I am super excited, and extremely honored, that they asked me to give the introduction for this screening.

The Rubin’s weekly Friday evening “Cocktails and Film” series (the audience sips cocktails while watching a film) features films that have some thematic connection to Buddhist philosophy. In the case of this particular film, I think the connection is obvious.

Tim McHenry, who runs the film series (and all of the awesome public events at The Rubin) asked me to introduce this film because I worked on Tron (the first one), In a way, Tron is itself a kind of introduction to The Matrix, marking the first time many people were exposed to the concept of someone walking around in a computer mediated future reality.

Coincidentally, just the other day we gave a demo, here in our lab, of our own VR enabled simulation of walking around in a computer mediated future reality. The person we gave the demo to was Alan Kay, the visionary who came up with many of the ideas for Tron (and many other ideas, like notebook and tablet computers). He liked it.

Today we gave the same demo to Tim McHenry. He liked it too.

If you are in NY tomorrow evening, come join us at the Rubin!

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