That’s amore!

When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
That’s amore

When you’re bit on the heel
By an undersea eel
That’s a moray

When it’s Povich you see
With a show on TV
That’s a Maury

When a thin shaft of light
Hits Othello stage right
That’s a Moor ray

When you make cool designs
From two sets of thin lines
That’s a moiré

When your whole native tribe
Has a New Zealand vibe
That’s Maori

When true love’s in the air
Up in Trois-Rivières
That’s amour, eh?

6 thoughts on “That’s amore!”

  1. When your spy’s 007
    and he’s not yet in heaven
    that’s a Moore, eh?

    When your code’s crafted from clicks
    from people in the sticks,
    that’s a Mors-e.

  2. When Ms. Rowings writes tales,
    of enchanted half-wales-
    That’s amari

    When the man fighting fights,
    Deflects dragons on sight-
    That armor, eh?

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