Lisa Sonata

I went out this evening to watch the new Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a really fun movie if all you are expecting is a Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Before the previews they have all those annoying advertisements that nobody likes, but we all have to sit through anyway. Of course nobody pays attention to the advertisements, so we all spend that time talking with the friends we came with.

At one point there was a Hyundai commercial that, like everyone else, I wasn’t paying any attention to. But in the periphery of my attention I happened to catch a glimpse of a name.

I turned to my friend and said “Did they just say Lisa Sonata? Who is Lisa Sonata?” I kept trying to figure out why that name sounded so familiar.

And then a beat later it occurred to me — this is a Hyundai car commercial. They weren’t actually talking about someone named Lisa Sonata, it just sounded like that.

OK then. Lisa, wherever you are, you can rest assured that people aren’t actually talking about you in pre-movie advertisements.

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  1. Adrian says:

    In my area, the volume level of the pre-show ad-reel is so high that talking with your companions is virtually impossible. I really miss the days when the pre-show was a slide projector periodically stepping through a tray of slides of local business ads interspersed with movie trivia.

    If we are all someday wearing VR tech round the clock, I really truly hope there will be an ad-free option.

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