I was asked by a friend whether I am still watching Buffy the Vampire on streaming Netflix. Alas, I replied, Netflix no longer offers Buffy as a streaming option (although you can still rent the series on DVD).

I told my friend that what would really be ideal, since I’ve seen Buffy so many times, would be to just play it from memory. If I could truly internalize the experience, I could just sit in a quiet meditative state and run any episode in my mind, like a movie in my head.

If I could do that, then I could even mix it up a bit. Maybe the third or fourth time through some episode I could enter the scene myself, back Buffy up in a fight against demons, or compare notes with Giles about a particularly fine edition of De Daemonibus.

There are many dystopian implications to a future in which direct neural communication will be possible. But there are also some happy possibilities. For me, the opportunity to dive full-on into the Buffyverse is one of them.

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