Political undo function

Suppose Donald Trump ends up being thrown out of office because of the whole Russia getting him elected thing. What are the ramifications?

Do we get to roll back his nutty executive orders? Do we get to throw out the anti-environment head of the EPA? Do we get to throw out the anti-education head of the DOE? Do we get to throw out his entire rogue’s gallery of crazies?

Most important, do we get to ask Neil Gorsuch to leave the Supreme Court? And can we then replace him with somebody who was chosen through a legitimate process?

What, exactly, are the rules when a fake President, who got into the office through chicanery, finally gets tossed out?

One thought on “Political undo function”

  1. The question is : What is a legitimate process ?

    For the remaining interrogations, if one executive power can put heads wherever it wants does another is not able to do the same (or to put it bluntly, behead the previous one) ?

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