VR in the material world

Today is the first day of the big annual SIGGRAPH conference, which this year is in LA. Our group has two interactive VR experiences this week, so it’s going to be a busy time (and hopefully fun too).

It always amazes me how these large empty conference spaces become transformed for such events. Below are two photos I took from my phone, one yesterday and one today.

I love how just a little bit of lighting and window dressing can change the entire feel of a space. Yesterday this hall was a construction zone. Today, it’s a wonderland where people experience the latest in VR coolness.

One thought on “VR in the material world”

  1. This is what I do for a living! My favorite thing about working in live production is the degree to which high- and low- tech coexist and contribute equally to the success of a production. I will spend half my day configuring very expensive and complicated technology, and the other half dragging cables through the mud. The other day I was working with audio transmission over fiber optic cabling, and using an RF analyzer to find clear frequencies for wireless mics, while using gaff tape to fasten some broken clamps together long enough to get me through my show. Our $10 million television truck uses pool noodles to protect people’s heads while they are plugging things into the patch bays underneath. The contrast never stops being delightful to me.

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