Perpetual eclipse

I watched the solar eclipse today with a group of friends, and it was glorious. Alas, it didn’t last very long.

I thought it might be nice for people to be able to enjoy a solar eclipse for more than a few minutes, so I simulated one, using procedural textures. To see it in action, just click on the image below.

Also, unlike the real one, you can safely stare into this eclipse for as long as you want — no special glasses required!

4 thoughts on “Perpetual eclipse”

  1. Can you also simulate the magic of everything in nature to stand still for a moment? The magic, as I remember from 20 years ago, is that it is shared by everyone, including all living beings. I’d like to have a simulation of that please

  2. I think I know what you mean. I saw the 1994 total eclipse at Iquazu Falls in Brazil, in the middle of a very lively rainforest. One of the magical things about the experience was the way the forest, which usually hums with life, went completely silent during the four minutes of totality, as though all creatures were lost in shared wonder at the sight of their world suddenly transformed.

  3. Yes! I wasn’t in a rainforest, but I had a similar experience. And… maybe it is good that it is so rare, that’s what makes it special.

  4. This would make a good VR environment.

    You’ve already coded up the sun/moon in the sky, so you also replicate the surrounding environment: the shadows getting ever sharper, shadow bands dancing on the ground, the sky getting deep blue, Venus coming out. The audio channels have the birds getting quiet and the crickets start chirping. You could even hook up the AC system to simulate the temperature drop.

    You’ll have lines around the block – just be sure to bring your paper ticket.

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