One of the beautiful things about humanity is the way, from time to time, we are able to come together, despite our differences. You might have particular spiritual or political beliefs, whereas and I might have very different beliefs. Yet when it comes to certain concepts, our minds can still meet.

For example, at any given moment in history, there are certain sentences whose meanings are universally understood. And it really doesn’t matter where you encounter them.

Perhaps you overhear one of these sentences spoken over the water cooler at the office, or you see it emblazoned on a T-shirt during your morning commute on the train. No matter, you instantly know the topic at hand.

One such sentence, at the moment, is “Maybe he’s just an idiot.” Some people may agree with this sentence, others may argue against it. Yet absolutely everyone knows, without needing to be told, exactly who and what is being discussed.

I love that people have the ability, under the right circumstances, to achieve this sort of collective convergence. It is indeed one of the beautiful things about humanity.

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