Rain and sunshine

Dublin is completely lovely, as always. Much as I adore both New York and Paris, this town is suffused with a casual and cozy charm that is pretty much lacking in both of those cities.

Today the rain here played hide and seek with the clouds, starting and stopping throughout the afternoon in short bursts of periodic enthusiasm, but always gentle and never a real bother for pedestrians.

I had one fascinating weather experience today that I have never had in New York City, one that I expect is familiar to Dubliners. I was able to stand in the gentle rain, even as the warm sunlight shone brightly down upon my face.

I love how the weather in Dublin is able to seamlessly intermingle the dark moodiness of a rainy day with the optimistic warmth of a sunny afternoon. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty good way of describing what I like about the people here.

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