Vichy revisited

During World War II, the collaboreurs in the Vichy government held positions of power, while members of the French Resistance were hunted down. Yet after the war, the situation reversed. If you had participated in the Vichy government in any way, the best path to salvaging your reputation lay in convincing people that you had secretly belonged to the Resistance.

I see a rough parallel emerging in America today. People who are currently collaborating in the process of callously dismantling so much that is beautiful and kind and noble about this country will one day claim that they had actually been part of the resistance. They will quite likely protest that they were resisting from the inside.

Yet there are a few individuals fortunate enough to have indisputable evidence — right now — that they remained patriots through these dark times. Those individuals will be able to prove that they stayed true to our nation’s ideals, and had had the presence of mind to understand what the American flag really stands for when our nation is at its best.

Currently there is one certain way that such patriotic individual Americans can be identified, because (conveniently enough) they are being identified by name. Yesterday Stephen Curry became one of those individuals.

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