Minds on fire

This year the UIST conference was on the small side, because fewer people end up going to Quebec City than to, say, Tokyo (which was the site of last year’s conference). But that very smallness was wonderful.

A small number of attendees may not be good for the financial health of the organization, but it’s great for the people who do attend. There is a certain intimacy, a complicity, that starts to fall off when the numbers get too large.

After seeing all the great work presented over the last few days, I am left with lots of thoughts about where to go next in our own lab’s research. That’s what always happens after this conference — my mind is on fire up with exciting possibilities.

Several of the grad students in our lab came to the conference this week, and gave brilliant demos. Perhaps, after seeing our students’ great work, other attendees are finding their minds on fire with exciting possibilities.

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