Dreaming up new ideas

I often have the experience of dreaming about some cool new idea, only to wake up and realize that the idea was actually silly or pointless. Many times I have felt myself awaken in a burst of excitement over some great new dream-time discovery, only to see the sad reality revealed within the few seconds it took for me to come fully awake.

But this morning I had a different experience. I was in a dream, describing an idea to my research collaborator. After hearing my idea, the dream version of my collaborator said “Hey, that’s a really good idea!”

Then a little later, within another dream, I found myself watching the idea play out, and saw to my excitement that it was really working. Then I woke up.

And the idea was still pretty cool! Hey, I might even try it. But first I’ll probably check to see what the non-dream version of my collaborator thinks of it. 🙂

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